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Waller Independent School District 
  Approved by Waller ISD Administration
Campus/Fundraiser/Sponsoring Group
Time Period
by Start Date
Waller High School
Drama - Ticket Sales for Theatre Productions 09/19 05/17 nneel@wallerisd.net
Science Olympiad - Sale Beef Sticks 04/24/17 05/05/17 nneel@wallerisd.net
Wranglerettes - Sale Great American Popcorn 05/08/17 05/19/17 nneel@wallerisd.net
Waller Junior High School
Spanish Club - Candy and Snack Sales 03/22/17 04/19/17 btoney@wallerisd.net
Schulz Junior High School
P.A.W.S - Sale World Famous Chocolate Bars 04/14/17 04/28/17 cmcdonal@wallerisd.net
Fields Store Elementary School
Holleman Elementary School
Jones Elementary School
American Cancer Society-Relay for Life Super Heroes 04/10/17 05/05/17 acampos@wallerisd.net
Yearbooks 04/03/17 04/28/17 acampos@wallerisd.net
School Store (Supplies) (One Friday of the Month)   05/19/17 acampos@wallerisd.net
Roberts Road Elementary School
Turlington Elementary School

Questions or comments about a particular fundraiser? Contact the sponsor or school office.

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