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2016-2017 Grading Periods
for All 
Grade Levels
First Semester Starts - August 22, 2016
Second Semester Starts - January 4, 2017
Six Weeks Grade Report Dates
1st Six Weeks August 22nd to September 29th
2nd Six Weeks October 3rd to November 4th
3rd Six Weeks November 7th to December 16th
4th Six Weeks January 4th to February 17th
5th Six Weeks February 21st to April 7th
6th Six Weeks April 10th to May 25th
Progress Report Dates
1st Six Weeks September 9th
2nd Six Weeks October 21st
3rd Six Weeks December 2nd
4th Six Weeks January 20th
5th Six Weeks March 10th
6th Six Weeks April 28th
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